“You gotta be a good hang.”

You know you’ve heard it.

While talent does in fact help a person stand out, one’s personality can also have an equal effect.

Being a “good hang” in the industry can definitely be a make it or break it situation in the music industry.

With this industry being filled with so many big personalities, people really do pay attention to your personality. If you act entitled, I promise it will not go over well with anybody.

Just like with anything in life, it is always better to be humble. No matter what position you are in, the best approach is to always be humble.

Being humble does not mean you have to downplay how hard you have worked and downplay your talent. Being humble means to be generous with how you share the gift and understanding how you got to where you did.

Another quality that really sticks out and makes a good impression is authenticity. This applies to both professionals and creatives. Looking at creatives especially, being authentic is the absolute key to making the best connections within this industry. As a songwriter, you are having to be so vulnerable when connecting with others while creating. The most genuine and relatable stuff comes out of the most authentic writes where everybody can share their truth and their story.

Being authentic not only translates within the professional side of the music industry but ESPECIALLY throughout an audience.

You want to be able to connect with your audience as a creative. If you are not able to connect with your audience, it may not be a make or break situation, but it will definitely be a lot tougher to stay consistent within your fanbase. If a fan does not feel like they connect with you, there may not be any reason for them to be dedicated.

This is not me telling you to change your whole personality for other people and to grow your numbers. I am telling you to be authentic. Be genuine. That is the key.

You do not want to grow a whole audience while wearing a different personality. You will feel a disconnect and, eventually, so will they. You will feel true connection when you stay true to yourself, your values, and your gift.

Now, when it comes to the industry, it is a lot of being social. If you are an introvert, do not fret. I would say I am mostly an introvert. While everyone is different, I have realized there is a way to be an introvert while also adhering to the heavy social aspect of the music industry, especially in Nashville.

The first thing I realized is that you have to know yourself. You have to know what you appreciate in life. You have to know how much you can balance. You have to know how you do in social situations. If you know yourself, you are able to gauge to any social interaction you have. You are the only constant throughout all of these social situations you may find yourself in one day, so knowing yourself is key.

Another thing you can do to adapt to these social situations is to give yourself time to be with yourself. If you know you have a social event to attend later in the day, you can prep by having a day for yourself. This will help to calm you. It will help to center you. Overall, you will be able to breathe and slow down. Now, being realistic, you may not always have the time to do this before a social outing, but even taking 30 minutes for yourself before you go into the event will be helpful. Listening to your favorite song on the way there or wearing your favorite outfit may help to boost your confidence and security when going into an event like that.

Once again, do not feel like you have to change your whole personality to be accepted in this industry. That is not at all what I am telling you to do. I am telling you to be true to yourself. It will take you so much further than anything else in this industry.