Well…we have come to the end of this class. The end of the practicum. The end of a campaign that started with passion and ended with a little more passion.

While we learned so much together, we still have so much to do on our own.

This industry can be so confusing. That is what most of these blogs are about…just how confusing this insane, exhausting, but rewarding industry is.

If you learned anything from any of these blogs, I hope you learned that we are all normal in the ways life is not normal.

We are all living the same life in different ways. The life that includes hardships, questions, laughter, sadness, a few more questions, a lot of doubt, just a couple more questions, and even more confusion. We have all been there. We will all be there again. We will all meet each other when we are supposed to meet each other. We will all continue to try figure out our lives a little bit at least, step-by-step, mistake after mistake.

No matter what we have taken from these blogs and this campaign, we have all been able to look more inward on how this industry might affect us. We were able to break down just how important it is to learn yourself and all the unique things you come with. We learned how important it is to tread lightly in knowing that you need to work hard but you don’t need to work to the point of burn out.

We were able to come together and create a knowledgeable environment in order to hopefully touch other peoples’ lives. Hopefully, now we are able to take this and grow together within the industry.

Like I said before, I never claimed to be an absolute expert in anything I have covered over these blogs, but I do know the things that keep me close to myself and even closer to success in my journey.

I want to be here in order to show you that you can also learn yourself in order to get closer to the success waiting for you on your unique journey. I wanted to make you aware of the gift that you hold and the skills you possess. I want to make you aware that you have so much to nurture and so much to embrace.

You have a gift. Use it. You are someone that has found your passion and hopefully what drives you in that passion. You have found what makes you unique from everyone else who also has a passion. Your path is your own. Your journey is your journey.

Thank you for letting me shred the little bits of wisdom I wanted to share. It means a lot that anyone trusts me with sharing my experiences and what I have learned over the years beginning my career in the music industry. This seems very full circle and fitting that I was able to end my senior year and final year of college sharing all the things I have learned while learning about myself and who I may become within the walls of this industry and outside these walls in the real world. I hope the information I shared helps you to learn about yourself and how you may make an impact in this industry one day.

Outer Song will continue to bridge the gap between creatives and industry professionals. We will continue to make that our goal for every one of our users that comes across this website, our blogs, and our socials. This network is a family. Outer Song will always make sure that we continue to nourish and grow that family all while creating the soundtrack to peoples’ lives.


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